SE020_Schoolgirl in Distress 1_ft_Roby


TIME: 23 min
SIZE: 1012 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920×1080




This film contains: knock out, eye crossing, chloroform, limb play, ots carry, sleepy fetish, limb play, ots carry, alcohol drinking.

Adorable schoolgirl Roby loves to do well in her studies, so she felt so lucky to get an invitation from Professor White to have private coaching at his home before the final exam.

Roby is at Prof White’s home now, eager to learn from him. He serves her a glass of water, mixed with some strange powder!
Thirsty after her long journey to his house, she doesn’t even notice. She drinks the entire of glass!

Roby’s mind and body swirl, and soon her consciousness slips away. Now she becomes Prof White’s doll, and he can manipulate her however he wants. He plays with her beautiful body, and carries her around the house.
Poor Roby wakes up several times during her ordeal, but each time the devious Professor knocks her out again.
At one point, he even shakes her awake, only to feed her some wine so that she slips into dreamland again!

Now Roby sleeps well, and all Professor White needs to do is wait for his friend, bondage master Peter, to arrive…