DR001_Suzuki get drunk_ft_Suzuki n Winnie


  • TIME: 62 min
  • SIZE: 960 Mb
  • RESOLUTION: 1920×1080
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Suzuki and Winnie are featured in the film, it lasts 1 hour, recorded the whole process about how Suzuki getting drunk.


0-17:00, Suzuki wears an elegant navy slip dress sitting on a couch. She was invited to taste wine and provide some customer feedbacks. There were various spirits and beverages in front of her. She tasted each of them and wrote comments on a notebook. Some tasted good. but some were yukky, even make her spit it out. She looked excited. I guess she doesn’t drink often. The drinks are may be too much for her, which is a bad news.. or not?


17:00-36:50, Winnie jumped in. You will realize She is an amazing dancer in a couple of mins. She suggested playing some table game, then they changed their outfit. Now Suzuki wears a black sun-top and grey grid short skirt, W wears a grey slip. They started to play dice. It seemed Suzuki drink a lot at this part, She was so delighted, even spilled a bit spirit on W accidentally …  A while later, Suzuki seem losing control of her body as her hair got messy. She even couldn’t hold cups properly, so Winnie pulled her hair backward and poured into her mouth.


36:50-42:25, They gonna dance. Suzuki looked tipsy by high heels. Winnie gave her a hand to take her shoes off. Winnie danced perfectly. But Suzuki was so drunkenly


42:25-47:50,  Suzuki was leaning on the couch, getting more and more inebriated. After a few drinks, She went to the bathroom to vomit. Even so she didn’t give up. After she came back, she started to play table game with another guy…


47:50-end, Suzuki’s eyes are closed, she couldn’t drink any. But the guy pulled her hair backward, poured into her mouth forcedly. The last cup absolutely made Suzuki shit-faced, she lost consciousness soon. After that, you will see lift and carry, eye check, limp fetish, bare feet, etc. multiple times.