DR002_Drunk Asian Girls_Ft_Roby & Winnie


TIME: 30 min
SIZE: 1330 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1440×1080

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Twitter: hakfantasy

This film contains:
drunk girls, eye rolling, eye checks, limb play, dancing, OTS carries and limp fetish.

This film records the process of two Asian girls drinking alchohol, as they progress from conscious to tipsy to limp to total loss of consciousness.

Roby and Winnie are featured in the film.
They change outfit several times as they become increasingly inebriated, and are commanded to dance at different stages of drunkenness.
They also make some silly faces as their sensibilities slip.
There are also OTS carries, eye checks, limb play and limp fetish along the way.

The gorgeous girls open the bottles in front of the camera, pour the alcohol, finish it, and show you the empty cups.

That is Part 1.
You can see even more drunk videos of them in Part 2.