NH001_choi_my perfect doll


Length: 19 minutes
Size: 572 MB
Format: DIVX
Resolution: 1280×720


Choi sleeps peacefully in her bed, unaware that an Intruder has entered her place and is searching for something valuable to steal.

When Choi awakens in her sexy white underwear, the Intruder quickly hides.

Choi changes into a shiny blue crop top and matching short skirt, pantyhose and black heels. Just before she leaves for the day, she spots the Intruder’s hiding place. She runs to the phone, but before she can call anyone for help, the Intruder wrestles her to the floor and knocks her out. Choi kicks her long legs furiously as she slowly sinks into unconsciousness.

The Intruder happily spends his day doing eye-checks and limb-lifts, plays with Choi’s hair and her lovely long legs, carries her over-the-shoulder, and does an amazing carry with one of Choi’s legs over each of his shoulders, and her body and long, silky hair dangling down his back.

Choi starts to wake up a couple of times during her ordeal. The first time, the Intruder knocks her out with a baton. The second time, he uses a sleeper hold to send her back to dreamland.

Finally, he puts the poor, powerless girl on the bed, wraps her snugly in a sheet, ties the sleeping, sexy package with rope, and carries Choi off to an uncertain fate!