NH002_Choi_Pantyhose breaker


Length: 27 minutes
Size: 784 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 720×576


Choi sits on the sofa in a sparkly white top, short black skirt, and pantyhose which make her beautiful legs even sexier.

She is enjoying the TV, but she doesn’t enjoy the attention from the Man beside her, who keeps trying to put an arm around her or touch her long legs.  She moves further and further away, until she finally gets up and tries to leave.

The Man knocks her out and lays her face down on the sofa. He spends some time stroking and playing with her legs and smacking her gorgeous butt. Then he removes the shoes she is wearing (color-coordinated to match her outfit) and replaces them with other pairs from her collection, including sexy black heels and platforms.

He then turns her over and massages her feet and toes. This is when Choi wakes up and starts to resist! The Man holds a chroloform-soaked rag over Choi’s pretty face. She thrashes about and tries desperately to remove it, but slowly sinks into dreamland.

The Man then carries her over-the-shoulder through to the bedroom.

As Choi’s limp, helpless body lies face-down on the bed, the Man starts ripping the back of her pantyhose, first with small tears, but then making larger holes which present an enticing combination of silky pantyhose and Choi’s exposed skin.

He rolls her over, flipping up Choi’s skirt so that we can see her panties, and does the same thing to the front of her pantyhose. It is a slow, sensual process, which includes exposing and playing with Choi’s feet.

Finally, he removes the shredded pantyhose altogether, and ponders what to do next with the helpless, sleeping beauty.