NH011__Poco_Jack up cool girl


Length: 28 minutes
Size: 2.06GB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1080×1440



Beautiful, slim Poco has lovely long hair and a nice, taut butt.

She starts off asleep in a figure-hugging top and panties.

When she awakens and staggers out of her bedroom, we see that there is a Masked Man sitting on the sofa. He might have put her to sleep before. He definitely does now. When Poco heads for the door, he puts a chloroform cloth over her face. She struggles, trying to pull the cloth away, but finally succumbs to the fumes and sinks to the floor.

The Man puts her sleeping body in a kneeling position, with her head on the floor and her beautiful ass sticking up.

Poco is carried and placed on the sofa. The Man slaps her butt, plays with her long legs, and does eye checks.

When Poco starts to recover, she doesn’t even have the strength to walk. This time she starts crawling towards the door (it’s very sexy), before the Man chlorfs her again.

Once again the poor girl struggles furiously, but submits. Again, the Man places her butt-up, before carrying her (and spanking her butt) back to the sofa.

The next time Poco awakens, the Man hypnotises her. He then commands her to first bend over, and then kneel, so that we can again savour her tight derriere, which gets spanked again.

Later, while still under hypnotic control, the Man forces Poco to chloroform herself!

The Man carries the helpless sleeping beauty back to the bedroom. First she is placed face down, then face up, and finally, once again, kneeling to show off her beautiful backside.


KO *3, Hypnosis *1, Multiple carries