NH013_Poco’s next stop Part 1_ft_Poco


Length: 20 minutes
Size: 1.5GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280×720


Poco is dancing in attendant uniform. She is enjoying the music and shaking her body with full passion. But soon a villain quietly enters the room. Poco should lock the door but she didn’t. The villain waits behind her for the best moment to join the show. For joining he actually means to hit her head hard so she will join his own show. Poco yells out in surprise when she is hit, use all her remaining strength to turn around to see who did this. She recognizes this guy but she can no longer remain conscious. She struggles at the walls but she cannot escape from the fate that she will fall limp on the door.


The villain grabs Poco up so she stands up again, so she can “dance” with the villain’s hands. He plays with Poco by carrying her around in the room, showing her beautiful butt and long legs. Then he puts her on the sofa. She is in a deep sleep. He spends some time to show us how limp Poco is by playing her hands and face. He also removes her shoes so he can play her legs and feet without any obstacle.


He enjoys the process so much that he wants to keep Poco forever. What could he do? He decides to wrap her up on the chair. This is not some casual wrapping that one can escape easily. This time he wraps Poco with the chair entirely that we can only see her face as the result. Let’s keep her this way for a while.