NH014_Poco’s next stop Part 2_ft_Poco


Length: 22 minutes
Size: 2GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280×720


After a while, Poco wakes up and finds that she is wrapped on the chair. She tries to move but she can’t. The villain enjoys her struggle a bit and then tape her mouth up so she cannot yell. Then he smothers her noise with his hands. Poco struggles with her best but she cannot remain awake as she is lacking the oxygen. Soon she loses the conscious again. The villain decides to do a full wrap by wrapping her head as well. Now we can only see the feet of Poco. He decides to put the chair down so he can play the feet in a comfortable position.


Finally, he is satisfied with this wrapping play and now he decides to unwrap this gift. A few moments later an un-harmed beautiful Poco is on the sofa again. She may need some fresh air, the villain thinks, so he decides to undress her uniform to make her more comfortable. Soon she only wears a pink t-shirt, underwear, and pantyhose. The villain adds a black dressing so Poco is now in a perfect dancing dress. Poco wakes up again and struggles. The villain commands her to dance for him. She agrees so she put her white high heels on and dance in front of him, out of fears.


The villain enjoys a little and then hit her head again. Poco falls limp one more time. This time the villain decides to take her home. He packs her up by putting her in a suitcase. This seems an impossible task but thanks to the limp state and soft body of Poco, he made it. Well, almost he failed as the one foot of Poco is still at outside. He plays her around and then stuck it back to the suitcase. Next stop, far from home, Poco.