NH017_Choi__controlled by the watch


Length: 29 minutes
Size: 2302 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280×720


Long-haired Choi, wearing a low-cut top and a micro-mini skirt sits on the sofa. With her knees together and her feet apart, we can just catch an enticing glimpse of her panties as she is hypnotised by a swinging watch. After a few minutes, she is under the Masked Man’s control, and sits staring blankly ahead; completely unresponsive as he waves a hand in front of her unblinking eyes.

The Masked Man plays with Choi’s long, pantyhosed legs, then runs a hand over her face to close her eyes. He then lifts and caresses her limp arms and legs. He then lifts and carries the sleeping girl, before lying her out on another sofa and savouring the view of her unconscious body.

After he sits Choi up, he snaps his fingers and she starts to wake, so the Masked Man takes out the swinging watch again and quickly has her under his control. Just by pointing with his finger, he commands her to first take off her shoes, and then put on a pair of dark black pantyhose.

The Mind Control continues as, without saying a word, the Man makes Choi walk around the room; moving or stopping at his signal. He gets her to sit down, stand up, and lift her skirt. He then commands her to raise her arms, so that he can carry her over-the-shoulder, and lay her out on the bed.

Choi’s adventure isn’t over yet. There is another hypnosis, some more limb manipulation, and some more hand commands, including a very sexy moment when the Man makes Choi lick his fingers.

Finally, the Man puts Choi back to sleep, pushes her back onto the bed, and leaves – secure in the knowledge that when she awakens, she will have no idea what happened to her.


Hypnotised 3, Carry 2


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