NH022_No chance to escape_ft_choi


Length: 32 minutes
Size: 2.34GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1440×1080


Choi is lying butt-up on the bed. Her beautiful butt can be admired from every angle. When she wakes up, she is confused as she has no memory of this place and how she gets here. She feels it is better to get out soon. Unfortunately, someone is already waiting outside of the room. He prepares the chloro cloth when he is grabbing Choi from the neck. Choi fights hard, but she cannot escape from fate. Slowly her eyes go blank, her movements become slower, and finally, she loses her strength and falls limp on the floor. The villain checks her and believes she will not wake up any sooner. So he adjusts her to perfect butt-up position.


The villain then picks her up to carry her over his shoulder. Her hands and legs keep swinging in the air when he moves around. Her long hair flys smoothly when the villain is turning circles. The villain also displays the perfect legs of Choi for your pleasure. Now it is time to take a rest, so he puts Choi on the sofa. She is still in the coma, as she doesn’t react to the villain at all. The villain then put her on the sofa in an upside-down position so we can see the beautiful legs of Choi and feel her helpless.


After a few photos, Choi wakes up and falls off the sofa. She is so weak that she can only move around by crawling. We can see she tries her best to escape but cannot help to notice her beautiful butt. The villain stops her by another round of chloro. Choi faints again and goes back to the butt-up position, and then another round of shoulder carry. Finally, she is back on the sofa again.


When Choi wakes up again, the villain decides to do another trick: hypnosis! She see the clocks in front of her eyes, soon her stares become empty. When the villain snaps his fingers, Choi goes back to the limp state. But soon she backs up again, but she has no time to escape as the villain does the same trick again. This time the villain put her in the command mode. Choi follows the finger of the villain everywhere. The villain commands Choi to do a front bend. She did and remain in a position like frozen. Then he put a pillow behind Choi and snap his fingers again. Choi puts her head on the pillow and then goes to the limp state. The perfect folding Choi is on the display again.


The villain snaps his fingers one more time, and Choi wakes up and can move freely. She decides to fight with the villain, but when she almost touches him, he snaps his fingers and Choi loses her conscious immediately, falls into the villain’s arms. He puts her on his legs to feel her body and weakness. Then he snaps fingers again and Choi wakes up. This time she decides to run, but she is frozen when he snaps another finger, and turn back to the back of the sofa. The villain does a final snap, and Choi falls again.


10 minutes later, Choi is still unconscious, being played by the villain. We get to see her whole body on the sofa and on the floor. Finally, she returns to the butt-up position, waiting for the unknown fate.