OH048_Ashley_My Wasted Girlfriend


Length: 23 minutes
Size: 666 MB
Format: DIVX
Resolution: 1280×720


Ashley clad in a cute short dress and sexy knee-high white boots stumbles back into her hotel room with her boyfriend. Extremely tipsy from drinking the night away she collapses in the middle of the room, unable to get back up her boyfriend OTS carries her to the bed. Ashley tries to get comfortable in the bed while her boyfriend goes to the bathroom. While washing his hands he hears a loud thud and rushes to check what has happened, when he arrives he finds Ashley sprawled out on the floor. She is then cradled back to the bed where he slowly removes her boots one at a time. Ashley’s boyfriend then takes his time posing and caressing her smooth, hosed legs until suddenly she wakes up and charges to the bathroom. After waiting for a bit the boyfriend checks on her, having 444 in the bathroom Ashley is dragged back out before getting carried around the room for a bit. Ashley’s limp body is placed on the couch while he prepares a blanket to wrap around her on the bed. She is then OTS carried around the room for a while before being placed on the bed. The blanket is then wrapped around Ashley’s upper body and she is once again OTS carried to the couch. Ashley is completely out of it on the couch, wrapped in a blanket while her boyfriend has unlimited access to his favourite part of her body, her perfectly toned legs and feet. Her limp body is manipulated around the couch so that he could get continued access to her legs and feet from every angle possible. After savouring every inch of her smooth hosed legs and feet Ashley is finally unwrapped from the blanket and OTS carried back to the bed. The carry and the manipulations of her body on the bed have revealed she is wearing some sexy black panties with some pink trim. Ashley’s devious boyfriend wants to document this day so he pours another beer down her throat ensuring that she won’t awaken for a while and then pulls out his camera and starts to set it up. Includes: Tipsyen 444s, OTS carry x 4, Cradle carry , Dragging, Limp manipulation, Feet play