NH012_winna__Winna gets Carried Away


Length: 23 minutes
Size: 656 MB
Format: DIVX
Resolution: 1440×1080


Don’t be misled be the title; in this film our beautiful model Winna is carried just about every way you can imagine – and some you didn’t even think were possible!

In the first scene, Winna sits on the sofa paying more attention to her phone then to the Man beside her, which is a mistake! When she stands up, the Man picks her up, but she protests and pushes him away – another mistake!

When Winna walks into another room, the Man follows her. In an interesting twist, we don’t see what happens next, but when they emerge, Winna is unconscious. The Man carries his beautiful, sleeping victim to the sofa. He sits down, still cradling her, and plays with her adorable, limp body. When Winna starts to stir and resist his attention, the Man holds her neck and puts her back to sleep.

Not only is Winna one of our cutest and sweetest models, she is also amazingly flexible. The Man is able to carry her (facing away from him) with her knees touching her chin! He then turns her around, so that she facing is him, places her legs over his shoulders, folds her so that her head is against her knees, and carries her again. It’s an amazing scene!

He also carries her in a reverse fireman’s lift (head to the front), which lets us savour her lusciously long legs and taut derriere.

The Man removes Winna’s bright red pumps. When she starts to wake, he embraces her tightly. She struggles against him, but is soon asleep again.

Finally, the Man carries Winna’s limp, unconscious body into the bed room, where he will decide what to do with her next.


KO 3, Multiple carries