NH015_Winna_Patting Winna’s Button


Length: 18 minutes
Size:550 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1440×1080


One of our favourite models, the sweet and flexible Winna is back. And needless to say, she’s in trouble again!


Winna climbs the stairs to her apartment, unaware that a Masked Villain is stalking her. When she arrives outside her door, he knocks her out with a chop to the neck. He carries her over-the-shoulder into the room and places her on the sofa. She is then carried to another room and later seen stripped down to a tight tank top and short skirt.


The sleeping girl is placed face up, face down, and kneeling (face on the sofa, butt in the air), and over the end of the sofa again so that her taut backside in presented for the Villain to stroke and smack at will. The Villain cradle carries her, then sits with her stretched across his legs so that he can play with her backside some more.


When the beautiful girl starts to recover, the Villain knocks her out with a chop. He carries her OTS to the bedroom where her beautiful backside gets some more attention. When Winna recovers, she manages to take a few steps before being knocked out again. She falls across the back of the sofa, with her long legs and awesome ass presented for the Villain’s satisfaction.




KO 3, OTS 2, Cradle Carry 1