NH016_jade_hypnosis lesson


Length: 23 minutes
Size: 552 MB
Format: AVI
Resolution: 1280×720


Beautiful Jade sits in a chair in a short black skirt, with her white blouse revealing a tantalising glimpse of her desirable décolletage. A Masked Man swings a pocket watch in front of her. She follows it from side to side, until her eyes stop moving and she is under his control. The Masked Man carries his unconscious victim to the sofa, where he plays with her hair and legs, giving us a teasing glimpse of her panties.

When Jade starts to recover, she is hypnotised again. Then the Man uses hand signs to control her; she puts on pantyhose, follows him, sits and sleeps at his silent command. He makes her undo the buttons of her blouse, then carries her Over-the-Shoulder to the bedroom. He first lays Jade on the bed, then leads her around the room with her blouse wide open so we can savour the sight of her big, beautiful boobs.

Finally the Man makes her sit on the bed, hypnotises her again, and makes her suck and lick his fingers. He then leaves her sleeping on the bed, totally unaware of everything that has just happened!