NH018_ashley_sleeping beauty over my shoulder


Length: 19 minutes
Size: 2013 MB
Format: 555MB
Resolution: 1440×1080




This film has a surprise start!

A Masked Man enters Ashley’s apartment, but he doesn’t need to knock her out. She is already asleep and folded into a cabinet next to the TV! He must have stashed her there earlier!

After playing with Ashley’s stockinged feet, the Man lays her full-length on the floor. He plays with her limp arms, removes her high-heel shoes, and carries her around the apartment over his shoulder in a few different ways; forwards, backwards, and sideways across both shoulders! He even sits down and uses the computer with her still slumped over his shoulder!

He lays Ashley out on the sofa, where she starts to recover. She recoils in fear as the Man approaches and puts her back to sleep.

More OTS carries follow before the Man dumps Ashley on the bed, and uses her as a very comfortable pillow!

Having had his fun, the Man is ready to go.

Before he leaves, he places Ashley over the sofa, with her tight derriere sticking up in the air…