NH19_Playing with limp doll_ ft_Yukiko


TIME: 14 min
SIZE: 534 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920×1080


Yukiko (dressed in a shoulderless crop top, tight denim shorts, and thigh-length stockings) combs her long hair in front of a mirror.
A Bad Guy sneaks up behind the unsuspecting girl and chloroforms her. It is an extended scene. The poor girl is desperate not to be put to sleep, and resists as best she can. But it is futile and she succumbs; her eyes close and her beautiful body goes limp.
He drags her back to a chair, and sits her on his lap, and later on the floor. He plays with her limbs and her long hair, and we can savour her flat stomach, tight butt and long legs.
When Yukiko starts to wake up, she is chloroformed into dreamland again, and the Bad Guy continues to play with his gorgeous, helpless puppet.