OH020_Jade_ Jade debut


Length: 20 minutes
Size: 441 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 720×576


Jade comes home from a night on the town and decides to quickly change from her stunning black dress into her sexy tight nightie. Instead of going to bed she decides to relax and watch some TV but as she turns it on there is a knock on her door. Jade answers the door to some thug who quickly covers her nose and mouth with a soaked cloth. Jade is picked up off the floor but still fights like a wildcat. Soon Jade’s struggles subside as she finally slips into her inevitable sleep. The thug then takes his time playing with her beautiful face before dragging her limp body to the couch. While on the couch the thug plays with Jades limp body for a while before leaving her there to sleep it off (some nice camera angles of Jades limp body in all her glory). The thug returns but poor Jade is still in a deep sleep. He wastes no time in exploring her body from her breasts to her legs (lots of play with Jades smooth toned legs). After moving her around on the couch for a while the thug cradle carries her around the room before placing her limp body on his lap in the lazy boy. The thug goes right back to exploring her gorgeous luscious body. Spent after playing with Jade he decides to throw her back onto the couch and watch her sleep. Jade finally wakes up and tries to escape but the thug catches her and pinches a nerve on her neck. Jade slowly collapses, unconscious to the floor in an awkward position with her butt up in the air (nice view of Jades breathtaking booty and perfect hourglass shape). The thug then picks her up and OTS carries her to the lazy boy (during the carry he gets in a couple of spanks). The thug plays with Jades feet for a bit but feels that he should leave but before doing so he places her high heels back on her feet. The scene concludes with Jade oblivious in dreamland. Introducing the exotic Asian beauty Jade in her first movie with Hot Asian KO. Jade has a limpness to her that just screams natural talent. Fans of Hot Asian KO should not miss this as Jade really emphasizes the “Hot” in Hot Asian KO. This movie includes: 1 cloth KO, limp body manipulation, fondling of body, cradle carry, OTS carry, feet play, 1 nerve pinch KO.