OH004_Akkiko _100 ways to ko Akkiko Part 1


Length: 15 minutes
Size: 243 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 720×480


No sooner does poor, pretty Akkiko get home, than a Masked Man grabs her from behind and chloroforms her into unconsciousness.

The Man, and his young female partner in crime, throw Akkiko on to the bed. They remove her boots, enjoy some faceplay, and take photos of their sleeping victim.

When Akkiko starts to recover and tries to escape, she is first able to fight off the Bad Girl, but is then knocked out by a kick to the jaw!

They return her to the bed for more face and limb play. The Bad Girl positions Akkiko so that she is arched face-up over a couple of pillows. It’s a very sexy and vulnerable position!

Another escape attempt results in some girl-on-girl action as the Accomplice chloroforms Akkiko again, and lays her first face up, and then face down on a table. The Bad Girl loves playing with the sleeping girl’s face and body, and things start to get hot as we come to the end of Part 1…