OH052_ Julia _Wrapped Up Julia


Length: 36 minutes
Size: 833 MB
Format: DIVX
Resolution: 1280×720


Super cute Julia wearing a black sweater, skinny jeans, and black boots is climbing the stairs in her apartment complex and at first doesn’t even notice she has a stalker following her. When he makes the mistake of getting too close, Julia knows he’s up to no good and tries to make a run for it. Unfortunately for her he catches up to her and knocks her out with a swift karate chop to her neck. Julia’s unconscious form then slumps over his shoulder and is carried to his apartment and placed on the couch. The stalker then decides he wants to see her in a more revealing outfit and has a few already waiting on the table. After comparing what he thinks she will look sexiest in he throws her over his shoulder and carries her to another room to change her. Soon he emerges from that room with the slumbering Julia still over his shoulder but she is now sporting a steamy two piece air force outfit. Dumping Julia on the couch he starts to wrap up her legs with a huge roll of plastic wrap. Julia wakes up while he is wrapping her up but is promptly knocked out via another karate chop to her neck. The stalker keeps wrapping up her legs until he thinks its secure. Julia is then slung back over his shoulder and carried around the room for a while before she is plopped back down onto the couch. Julia’s legs are then bent at her knee and bound up to stay in that position with the help of some more clear plastic wrap. Julia then awakens once again in a very uncomfortable position and tries to rip off the plastic around her legs. The whole time the intruder is behind her but lets her try to escape before deciding to knock her out again with another karate chop to the right side of her neck. He then chicken wings each of Julia’s arms, keeping them fastened with the help of some more plastic wrap. Julia is then hoisted over the stalkers shoulder and carried to the bed. She is then maneuvered into an upright position on her knees where Julia’s arms are then wrapped tight to her upper torso via some more plastic wrap. Julia wakes up and in a panic she rolls around the bed trying to break free of her constraints. During the struggle the helpless Julia is knocked out yet again with another karate chop to her neck. Her upper body and lower body are then wrapped together into a fetal position with the help of more plastic wrap. The stalker then decides to use the rest of the plastic wrap on Julia who is by this point completely wrapped up head to toe. After he enjoys rolling Julia’s unconscious, plastic bound body around the bed he scoops her up in a cradle and carries her to the couch. The slumbering Julia, now completely helpless is then carried over and stashed into his cupboard to be left to an uncertain fate…