OH015_Ami_ Ami’s Stroll into Unconsciousness


Length: 6 minutes
Size: 369 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1280×720


Ami loves hiking and was excited when her friend asked her to meet him in the woods in a remote location. What she didn’t know is that someone was evildoer young girls in that area. Poor oblivious Ami was lost looking for her friend so she got on the phone and asked why her friend is so late. Her friend told her to wait where she was and th over his face and slowly approach her from behind. In a great suspenseful point of view shot he was closing in on Ami when suddenly her friend called out to her. The evildoer retreated back to cover in the woods as Ami at he would come to her. The evildoer was stalking her since she got to the park and used this time to tie a masknarrowly escaped his grasp. The hike goes well and soon Ami parts ways with her friend and begins her journey back home. Unfortunately for her the creep who was after her before was patiently waiting and now ready to strike while she was alone. The resourceful evildoer throws a ball onto the path she is about to walk by and hides in the bushes. Ami walks by, sees the ball and decides to pick it up before anyone else slips on it. The evildoer takes this opportunity to sneak up behind her and blow a tranquilizer dart into her right buttocks. The tranquilizers act fast and Ami starts to wobble around. Before she collapses she pulls the dart out and looks at it in confusion. Lying on the ground her eyes roll back in ecstasy as she finally falls asleep. The evildoer checks her eyes and sees that she is fighting the drugs and will soon wake up so he quickly soaks a cloth and holds it over her nose and mouth. Ami wakes up and starts to struggle but the poor girl is so weak already all she can do is try to move her face away from the cloth (some very good vocal protesting from Ami). Soon Ami’s eyes close, her head slumps to the side and she’s back in dreamland. The evildoer then checks her eyes again to make sure that she is deeply under and even gently slaps her beautiful face around but Ami still does not stir. Satisfied the evildoer slings her limp body over his shoulder and carries her through the woods to a fate undecided. Hot Asian fans can rejoice to see another great video shot outdoors featuring the new lovely Ami in this evildoer spectacle.