OH021_Mono_ Mono‘s debu


Length: 17 minutes
Size: 505 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 720×576


The beautiful Momo has decided she wants to be a model and answers an ad about modeling some casual dresses for a local designer. Little does she know that he is actually a slave trader who is very excited about the prospect of capturing her. Momo arrives at his place and is asked to change into a sexy little pink dress and nude pantyhose. As soon as she’s changed the slaver starts to take pictures. While taking pictures of Momo the slaver sneakily takes out a freeze ray and freezes her mid pose. Momo is then re-positioned several times before being cradle carried to the couch. She is left there for a while before the slaver carries her to a chair, where he ties her arms and torso to the chair. Convinced she is not going to get out the slaver then soaks a cloth and ties it over her nose and mouth. The slaver then lays the chair on the ground so Momo won’t hurt herself in a struggle when he unfreezes her. With Momo on the floor he unfreezes her and to be expected she starts freaking out and struggles so hard to break free that her high heels are sent flying across the room. With all her struggling she helplessly breathed in the toxic fumes and soon goes under. The slaver unties Momo, finally removes the cloth and throws her over his shoulder and carries her to the bedroom where she is gently placed on the bed. The slaver then plays with her beautiful limp face and body before turning her over and slapping her butt a couple of times. After he is done playing with her she is picked up and carried around the room before he decides to sit her up against the headboard. Momo looks so serene and beautiful sitting there but the slaver doesn’t think she is in a deep enough sleep anymore so he pulls out a dust mask and soaks it before attaching it to her face. Momo is left there to breath in the sleep inducing fumes while the slaver leaves to retrieve something. What will be the fate of the sleepy model? Introducing the exotic, gorgeous, petite Momo who is already turning heads of Hot Asian KO fans around the world with her natural sleepy talent. This action packed slaver tale is not to be missed by any Hot Asian KO fan.

Contains: freeze ray, 1 cloth KO, bondage, 3 cradle carries, 1 OTS carry, lots of limp body manipulation, 1 dust mask KO.