OH023_ Jade & Choi_ Jade & choi’s adventure


Length: 22 minutes
Size: 487 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 720×576
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Jade and Choi are exercising in their hotel room. They are barefoot and wearing sexy little shorts and tank tops. They are having a good time and don’t hear the villain slip into the room. He raises a tiny blowpipe and sends a tiny cholofurm dart into each girl. They immediately sink to the floor, both coming to rest in sexy “butt-in-the-air” poses. He picks up Jade first and lifts her over his shoulder. He carries her around and shows her off from angles, smacking and squeezing her butt a few times. He dumps her unconscious form on the couch and picks up Choi, repeating the same carry with her before dumping her at the other end of the couch. These carries are lengthy and both girls are amazing at staying completely limp. He eyechecks both girls. They are faint, eyes rolled in their heads. He sits between them and drapes their legs across his lap. Next, one at a time, he drapes each girl’s body across his lap and fondles their butts. He then gets up. The two girls come to and he clamps cholofurm cloths onto their faces and sends them back to sleep. They slump back on the couch. He pulls off their shorts and both girls are wearing sexy pink undies. He lifts both girls and OTS carries them, draping each one facedown over the back of an easy chair, butts in the air. He lightly smacks and squeezes them. Jade wakes up and tries to escape but he catches her and sends her out with the cloth. He drapes her limp body over his shoulder and carries her some more before draping her back over the chair. Choi tries to get away and he does the same to her. He takes some pictures of them. They awake at the same time and try to flee but he uses the tiny blowgun on them again and they collapse to the floor, butts in the air. He rolls them onto their backs and when they start to stir he uses the cloth one final time to send them of to slumberland.