OH025_Choi_ Agent choi


Length: 19 minutes
Size: 568 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 720×576


Miss Choi comes home and is suddenly jumped from behind by a cloth wielding intruder. She struggles against her attacker but soon the fumes overwhelm her and she goes out. The intruder then cradle carries her to the couch where while on his lap he plays with her beautiful, motionless face for a while. After he is done playing with her face he then starts to manipulate her limp body around the couch, posing her in several positions. The next thing to do was to put some flip flops on her feet and drag her to the bedroom. Later on Miss Choi wakes up on the couch and starts to put on some nylons when the same intruder whacks her on the head with a blackjack. Miss Choi is then carried over the shoulder for a while (her nylons are removed while still over his shoulder) before she is placed back onto the couch. The intruder then starts to manipulate her well toned limp arms and legs into several sexy positions before leaving her on the couch to sleep off her latest sleepy attack. Later Miss Choi is awake and sitting on the edge of the couch confused what is happening when the intruder wraps an arm around her throat and puts her in a sleeper hold. She struggles like a wild cat but can’t break the hold and soon she inevitably faint. The intruder lays her down right there on the couch in a very provocative position with her sexy hips thrust forward. She is then propped to a sitting position on the couch where the intruder continues to manipulate her limp unconscious body. Soon he cradle carries Miss Choi to the bedroom and lays her on the bed. Before leaving Miss Choi to sleep off all her sleepy escapades from the day he drugs her glass of water. When she comes to later, Miss Choi feels hot and drinks the spiked water before sitting on the couch. Feeling extremely dizzy and sick Miss Choi tries to stand up but collapses in a heap on the couch. Now that she’s unconscious the intruder enters and throws her over his shoulders to carry her to the bedroom. Now the intruder thinks that he should stop playing with her and secure her for when she wakes up next. To do this the intruder hog ties the poor, defenceless, gorgeous Miss Choi. Before she is shut down from the world, to a fate unknown her beautiful peaceful face is seen one last time… Hot Asian KO fans from around the world are in for a treat with Miss Choi’s flexible ability to excel at any kind of KO. This ability coupled with her natural, innocent beauty means she can rock the socks off any sleepy fetish fan out there. Extremely high recommendation if you like multiple KO’s in different situations.