OH026_ mono_ mono sleeping on the job


Length: 16 minutes
Size: 476 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 400×320


When the video begins we find the lovely Mono unconscious on the bed, slumped against the backboard, a drug soaked mask over her face. The villain is keeping her asleep until his partner shows up. He plays with her feet and legs for a bit until there is a knock at the door. His partner arrives and they lay her flat on the bed. One removes her mask and plays with her face while the other continues enjoying her feet and legs. They lift her up by wrists and ankles and swing her back and forth, finally tossing her limp form onto the bed. Next, she is lifted in an over the shoulder carry while the partner takes pictures. She is then arm carried and tossed onto the bed. She comes to and tries to escape but they catch her, push her against the wall, and punch her in the stomach. She fainted and falls over the shoulder. Back on the bed they hogtie her, then carry her to the other room and put her facedown on the couch. They untie her and lay her across their laps. ONe plays with her face while the other plays with her feet. She wakes and is sent to sleep with a cholofurm rag. She is lifted over the shoulder again, her arms swinging limply. Finally she is draped over the back of a chair, ass in the air. After a few moments she is lifted in a short arm carry.