OH031_ Vivi _Vivi’s Obsessed Roommate


Length: 22 minutes
Size: 614 MB
Format: WMV
Resolution: 1440×1080


Vivi is at home getting ready to go out when an intruder comes from behind and puts her in a sleeper hold. Vivi struggled like a wildcat until she finally went limp in the intruders lap from the lack of oxygen. In the intruders lap Vivi’s delicately craned neck is massaged and explored in every which way. After the intruder indulged playing with Vivi’s neck he picks her up in a cradle carry around the room before depositing her on the bed. Now the real intentions of why Vivi was attacked are brought forth as Vivi’s roommate wanted Vivi for herself so she asked a friend to subdue Vivi for the night so she can get to spend some time with her unconscious body. Vivi’s roommate gets strait to the point and strips off her shorts and top leaving Vivi in her sexy bra and panties. The body of Vivi is then manipulated around so her neck is on her roommates lap where her face and neck are examined and massaged. This contact gets the crazed roommates 888 boiling so she gets more intimate with Vivi’s breasts as they are fondled and squeezed for a bit. Realizing that Vivi might wake up and fight back the roommate gets some rope and very securely ties her hands in front of Vivi. Now with Vivi secured the roommate turns her around and starts to fondle and smack her sexy, tight butt and slender long legs until she tires. Vivi awakens on the bed very confused of why she is in bed already in her underwear and her hands are tied together. Unable to open the bonds around her hands Vivi tries to get help but unfortunately the man who knocked her out earlier was waiting and 999 her back unconscious before she can alert anyone. The roommates friend shoves Vivi over his shoulder and carries her around the room to the couch. The obsessed roommate returns and unties Vivi’s hands before fondling and massaging her neck and breasts again. Now fulfilled the roommate leaves Vivi for her friend to enjoy some time carrying her around before leaving on the loveseat to sleep it off… Vivi’s beauty and talents return for another sexy, sleepy spectacle here at Hot Asian KO.


Includes: 1 sleeper hold KO, 1 999 KO, 2 cradle carries, 1 over the shoulder carry (OTS), bondage, limp body manipulation, limp neck play, breast and butt fondling, stripping to underwear Clip