OH033_ Jade_Office Lady’s Nightmare


Length: 20 minutes
Size: 483 MB
Format: M4V
Resolution: 1290×1080

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The movie starts with a masked villain sneaking around the girl’s hotel room. Hearing her return, he hides in the far room. Jade enters, tired from a long business conference. She looks beautiful in a black business outfit (little black coat over a black tanktop, short black skirt). We can see leopard print garters peeking below the skirt holding up her black panty hose. She flops unto a chair and puts up her high-heel clad feet. She massages her neck a bit but stops when she hears a noise. She goes to investigate. In the far room she looks around and the villain sneaks up on her and almost hits her with a vase but backs off and goes back to hide in the bathroom. She decides nothing is wrong and picks up a room service menu to order something. The camera pans up her stockinged legs from her heels… a very nice shot. This time he moves in and hits her on the back of the head with an object. The camera pops into a closeup and her eyes go wide and glaze over. She flops down to her knees and then collapses, pass out. He makes sure, nudging her with his toe, shaking her, manipulating her face, flopping her arms, eyechecking. Satisfied, he lifts her off the floor and into an OTS carry. Jade doesn’t help at all, staying completely limp. He takes her into the first room and carries her around for a long time, her limp arms flopping and dangling beautifully. He dumps her on the couch and checks her again (limp leg & arm drops, light slaps and spanks, eyechecks). She doesn’t respond, still deeply unconscious from the bonk on the head. He sits her up against him and finds a pair of white lacy gloves under the coffee table. He slips them onto her limp hands and then examines and manipulates them. After a while he moves down, removing her heels and playing with her feel and legs. A lot of wonderful segments of stroking and fondling her stockinged legs, the garters and her bare upper thighs. He rolls her facedown and manipulates feet and gloved hands some more before removing the lacy gloves. He sits her up and more limp arm play and stroking of her face and neck. He lays her out on the coffee table and strips off her business jacket. Jade is still pass out and doesn’t respond as he reveals her tank top. More leg play and he rolls her totally limp body over face down. Finally he struggles to lift her up off the table and into an OTS. Again, Jade stays very, very limp! He takes her back to the bedroom and dumps her on the bed, rolling her face up. She looks beautiful, laid out and unconscious. He sits her up and leans her head back against him, then strokes her collarbone and neck, both front and back. Next strips off her tank top, revealing a lacy nude bra. He lays her back and strokes her, then rolls her face down and zips off her skirt. Rolling her back to her back, her arms spread above her head, we see her underwear is also nude and a bit see through. Her leopard garters link up to a leopard waistband and he strips those off as well as the stockings. Jade’s beautiful, curvy body is now mostly revealed, only nude bra and panties left on as she lays on the bed. He strokes and fondles her nearly everywhere as she continues to sleep soundly. After a long while he rises and leaves her on the bed. Highlights: LOTS of limp arm and leg play, two OTS carries (one very lengthy), one head KO with closeup of face after hit, heels, black stockings with garters, stripping down to bra and panties. And, of course, beautiful, beautiful Jade.