OH040_ Angela _Angela’s Coma Game


Length: 15 minutes
Size: 455 MB
Format: DIVX
Resolution: 1280×720


Angela enters a hotel room wearing a blue button down shirt, short black skirt, and high heels. She meets a masked man who has her go change into white hose. He wants to play a knockout/coma game with her and tells her how he’d like her to pass out when he applies a pretend chloroformed rag to her face. She tries a couple times, pretending to faint in his grip. He says she’s not getting it right and sneaks a real dose onto the rag. He also gets some rope and ties her hands behind her back. Angela thinks this is all part of the game he’s requested and plays along. He ties her feet too and then lifts her in an OTS carry, having her kick her legs like she’s in distress. She soon is in REAL distress…after he sets her down he brings out the real rag and she squeals when she smells the chemical as he presses it on her face. She fainted for real this time and he unties her. He OTS carries her to the sofa and kneels her on it facing the wall, draping her over the back of it, her skirt and legs facing the camera. Next he lifts her in a fireman’s carry and lays her longways on the other sofa. After some limp arm lift-and-drops he rolls her on her stomach and attaches some bars and straps to her wrists and ankles, hog-tying her with the contraption. Soon she wakes and struggles but when the villain comes back in she faints. He removes her shoes and plays with her hosed feet before removing the restraints. He then plops her on his lap in an arm carry and rocks her limply. He then lays her back down, faceup, and reapplies the restraints at her front. She wakes and struggles briefly but he knocks her out with a quick punch. To keep her out he lays the cloth over her mouth.