OH041_ Jade_Stunning 3 Times


Length: 25 minutes
Size: 514 MB
Format: DIVX
Resolution: 1200×676


Jade is on the sofa wearing a little black top and a short blue jean skirt. Her legs are bare with a cute little ankle bracelet on one ankle. Has she been unconscious? Or hit over the head? We don’t know…all we know is that she’s semiconscious and tottally out of it. Her eyes cross and glaze over as the villain plays with her limpness, lifting her arms and turning her face. Sometimes she starts to come out of it only to slip back into a fog. She doesn’t resist as he pulls off her top. Jade’s plump breasts strain against her flowered black bra. She flops back on the sofa and he plays with her a bit. At one point he unzips the side of her skirt but leaves it on her, a bit askew. He sits her up and plays with her some more. Lots of closeups as her crosseyed or glazed eye face lolls limpy. Some great shot of her just zonked out. Finally she starts to come to and he pats her cheek a few times to bring her out of it. She gets up, still very woozy. Her unzipped skirt somehow manages to stay on as she staggers away from the sofa, still very groggy. The villain comes behind and konks her with a vase, stunning her again. She goes limp and sags back into his arms. He lowers her to the floor. he groggy girl into the bedroom, dumping her on the bed. After some more play she sits up, woozy, holding a bedpost for support. He strikes her with the vase again and Jade does some nice eyerolling and swaying before sighing and passing out, flopping back on the bed. She is now 666 and he plays with her legs before rolling her on her side and patting her butt. He then pats her cheek to wake her a tiny bit before he sits on the bed and sits her up against him. He strokes her neck and fondles her breast as she seems to come in and out consciousness. Again he stands her up and stagger-walks her back to the sofa room. Dumping her on the sofa he proceeds to stroke her bare skin again. Jade knows something is going on but is far too out of it to do anything about it. Finally she just fainted and after some more fondling the camera looks at her sleeping form as the movie ends.