OH042_ Cynthia_ Spank Cynthia in Jeans


Length: 23 minutes

Size: 648 MB
Format: DIVX
Resolution: 1280×720


Cynthia arrives home wearing jeans, a button down shirt, and heels. She goes to the bathroom to primp in the mirror and doesn’t see the masked villain entering. He hides behind a curtain right before she comes into the main room. She sees the curtain move in the mirror and whirls around but he’s already got a blowgun to his lips. He darts her and she crumples to her knees, trying to stay awake. Finally she collapes to the floor on her side. The camera takes a lot of time looking at her jean-clad legs and butt. The villain moves her beautiful shiny hair from her face and shakes her body, checking her. He lifts her limp arm and shakes her limp body and pats and spanks her butt. He rubs her ass in little circles before some more pats and spanks. He lifts her over his shoulder (one shoe falling off her) and carries her around, lightly spanking her. He rocks her limp body on his shoulder before picking up her fallen shoe and putting it back on her limp dangling foot. Finally he lays her on the bed and curls her up on her side. The camera checks out her jeans and butt for a good long while before the movie ends.