OH043_ Julia _Julia’s Hypnotic Game


Length: 20 minutes
Size: 554 MB
Format: DIVX
Resolution: 1280×720


Gorgeous Julia sporting extremely sexy business attire is sitting on a couch, intently following the swinging watch right in front of her eyes until the villainsnaps his fingers at which time she falls into a trance. The villainshuts her eyes, unbuttons her top and gently shoves her limp body against the back rest. He goes straight to playing with her limp arms before moving onto her creamy smooth hosed legs. Soon he cradle carries her deliciously limp body around the room for a bit before laying her out across the couch. After a little rest on the couch the villainsits Julia up and starts to enjoy her perfectly toned legs again. Soon he snaps his fingers once to open her eyes and then twice to get her to sit up. The watch is then dangled in front of her eyes as she closely follows it back and forth until another snap of his fingers at which point Julia is under his control once again. He checks to see if he has full control of her before handing her some black pantyhose and ushering her to take off her shoes one at a time so she can slide into those new pantyhose. Now wearing the new black hose Julia is directed by the villainto a chair, where he continues to test his power over her by telling her to sit and stand at will. Julia is then commanded to stand up and undo another button on her shirt. The villaincontinues to direct Julia around the room until gaining enough confidence to finally command her to slowly lift up her skirt twice so he can get a quick peak of her panties. After he commands her to collapse over his shoulder so he can carry her around the room a while before gently placing her on the bed. A snap awakens Julia and he ushers her around the bed before commanding her to sit back down on the edge of the bed. The villainonce again dangles the watch in front of her eyes, a close-up of the camera shows her following the watch until he snaps his fingers at which point Julia’s eyes close. He then makes her lick his fingers a couple of times before gently propelling her onto her back to sleep off all the hypnotism. Includes : Hypnotism x 3, OTS carry x 1, Cradle carry x1, Limp manipulation