OH044_ Ashley_Hypnosis Flash


Length: 20 minutes
Size: 576 MB
Format: DIVX
Resolution: 1280×720


Ashley arrives at the hotel room of her traveling boss wearing a cute blue blouse and pink polka-dotted mini shorts. While Ashley reads the reports that her boss hands her, he starts to photograph her. Ashley doesn’t want to be photographed so she tries to hide her face while he takes the pictures. He still persists on taking these pictures so eventually she shows her displeasure and tries to leave. On her way out he quickly freezes her with his hypnotic flash on his device. He poses her in a sassy superheroine type posture before carrying her around by her waist. The man then shoves Ashley down onto the couch where he spends several minutes posing her and taking pictures for his private collection.  Ashley soon snaps out of her trance, in an awkward position with her legs straight up in the air, confused she makes for the door once again. Her boss shows up and unleashes that hypnotic flash on Ashley once again. She fights it but soon collapses to the ground unconscious, where the camera checks her over with some perfect views of her nice butt. He shoves her to her side where he plays with her legs and even spanks her butt a couple of times. The camera comes out again and he takes some pictures of the sleeping beauty before dragging her to the couch. With her slumbering on the couch he continues to photograph Ashley  with her being completely unaware. Ashley’s boss then OTS carries her to another room, while making his way there he spanks her butt a couple of times for good measure.


Emerging from the room Ashley has been changed into a sexy two piece racing suit and white knee-high boots. The still unconscious Ashley is OTS carried back to the main room and laid out across the couch. In her sexy new attire she  is meticulously posed and photographed some more. Soon he has her in his lap and starts to check her eyes to gauge how deep of a sleep she still is in. Satisfied she isn’t going to wake up anytime soon he picks her up and OTS carries her over to the mirror so he can get some photos of him carrying his prized sleeping beauty. While still carrying Ashley around he unzips and removes one of her boots. After a long OTS carry Ashley’s sleeping form is placed on a chair with her neck craned over the back of the chair. Finally he wants her to awaken so he gives Ashley another dose of that hypnotic flash. Slowly Ashley awakens and tries to make a run for it, just at the door she is caught and flashed frozen yet again. She is then OTS carried while frozen to the bed. It ends with the helplessly frozen Ashley lying in bed staring out in fear.