OH045_ Choi_Caress Her Cute Butt


Length: 20 minutes
Size: 560 MB
Format: DIVX
Resolution: 1280×720


An intruder who has entered the home of Choi quickly drugs her cup of tea knowing she will be home soon. The cutie, Choi arrives home sporting a white blouse, sexy skinny jeans and a pair of black heels. She heads straight to the couch to relax and catch up with some friends who have been messaging her the whole day. Unknowingly Choi drinks from the drugged tea she left on the table. After Choi finishes with her phone she starts to walk to a different room but slowly succumbs to the drugged tea. The intruder then enters the room and really starts to caress Choi’s perfectly round butt before dragging her limp body to the couch. On the couch he puts her heels back on her feet and then hoists Choi’s unresisting body over his shoulder to carry her to the bedroom  (enjoying some nice butt groping on the way). On the bed the intruder hungrily caresses Choi’s toned butt and legs.


Choi slowly wakes up and sees the intruder standing in her room, startled she runs for the door but is quickly rendered unconciouss with a swift karate chop to her neck. He then fondles her butt and legs again for a bit before turning her over to explore her hips and legs. After he explores her butt a little more he slings Choi back over his shoulder and carries her back to the bed. The intruder then removes her heels and tight jeans before caressing her scantily clad butt. While enjoying Choi’s sexy butt (even spanking it a couple of times) the intruder checks to see if she is still deeply asleep. Feeling dastardly he then grabs the drugged tea and places it on the nightstand as a parting gift. Some nice shots of the sleeping, half naked Choi on the bed follow before she awakens. Confused and not sure what is going on Choi quickly puts her jeans back on before getting a sip of her tea. The drug does what it’s supposed to and again causes Choi to collapse to the floor, unconscious. The clip then ends with a zoom in on Choi’s sexy heart shaped butt.


If you are a fan of Choi and wanted her butt to be front and center this video is what your dreams have fantasized about.

Includes: 2 x Over the shoulder carries (OTS), 1 x dragging, limp body manipulation, stripping, lots of butt caressing, 1 x neck chop KO, 2 x drugged drink KO.