OH047_ Julia _Julia in Black Stockings


Length: 24 minutes
Size: 670 MB
Format: DIVX
Resolution: 1280×720




Julia arrives for an appointment wearing black heels, black stockings, a black miniskirt, short sleeved jacket and white shirt. While she is pacing around the room the camera focuses in on her gorgeous, shapely, black stocking covered legs. Julia finally sits down on the couch to wait to be called in for her appointment. While she is fixing her shoes another man comes in and sits next to her. He then deliberately drops a cloth to the ground so he has an excuse to reach in and try to grab her feet. Julia pulls away and makes the mistake of turning her back to him, seizing the opportunity he clasps a drugged cloth over her nose and mouth. Julia struggles both vocally and physically but after a lengthy fight the man pulls the cloth away thinking she would be completely under already. Julia groggily tries to push him out of the way and make a run for it, but he once again clasps the drugged cloth over her face and wrestles the already weak Julia to the ground. This time the drug does its job and Julia is completely under but he holds the cloth over her face a bit longer to make sure. Julia’s limp body is then cradle carried to the bed.


While on the bed Julia’s assailant enjoys playing with each of her limp, unresisting, stocking clad legs. After playing with Julia’s legs for a while the man wants to get a little closer so he sits down on the bed and drapes Julia’s legs over his shoulders. In that position he plays with her heels and limp legs for a while before finally removing her shoes and playing with her black stocking clad feet. The man finally tires of that position and throws Julia’s limp, stocking covered legs off his shoulders. He places her shoes by her head and lifts her feet to his face for one big last whiff. The man then leaves Julia to sleep off the large dose of that drugged cloth he gave her earlier.


Includes: 1 x cradle carry, 1 x lengthy drugged cloth KO, limp body manipulation, feet play