OH049_ Mia_Hotel Stalker Target


Length: 14 minutes
Size: 560 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280×720


Exotic beauty Mia comes home wearing a tight black t-shirt, blue and white skinny jeans, and a pair of white pumps. While in the washroom a masked intruder sneaks in and hides in her bedroom. Mia exits the bathroom and enters her bedroom but she is so entranced by her phone screen she doesn’t see the masked intruder who quickly strikes by throwing a tranquilizer dart onto her chest. A surprised but resilient Mia tries to fight it and even hits her head, hard against the wall twice before she finally succumbs to the sedative. He then drags her body to the middle of the room where he starts to play with her limp limbs for a bit before grabbing and smacking her cute little butt. After a little difficulty with Mia’s deliciously limp body he slings her over his shoulder and enjoys carrying her around the room while his hands can’t help but grope her butt and legs some more. After dumping her onto the bed the intruder gets some rope and binds Mia’s arms behind her back. Left alone on the bed Mia finally wakes up very confused and very groggy. She struggles to get to her feet but she is still very weak and soon collapses to the floor. From there she tries to crawl away on her knees but unfortunately the intruder saw Mia and this time he pricks her on the neck with the same chloroformed dart. Once again Mia is unconscious, over his shoulder and her butt and legs are lightly groped. After laying her down on the couch he checks her eyes to see if she is still deeply sleeping. Satisfied that Mia isn’t going to wake up soon he decides to untie her hands from behind her back but to do so he lays Mia on her stomach on the floor. Wanting to prop up her sexy denim clad butt the intruder binds her with his favourite bondage device. Now with her butt propped up he occasionally spanks it a little before leaving her in such a vulnerable position. Introducing the natural, exotic beauty Mia who’s body and limpness is second to none exclusively here on Hot Asian KO. Includes: 2 x Dart KO, 2 x Over the Shoulder Carries (OTS), Limp Body Manipulation, Bondage.