OH050_ Jade and Choi_Jade and Choi’s Knock Out Adventure 2


Length: 17 minutes
Size: 380 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 720×576
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Extremely cute Choi wearing a sexy playboy bunny outfit complete with fishnet stockings and bunny ears is sitting on the couch playing games on her phone until her boyfriend shows up. They cuddle up on the couch until the bell rings. Choi’s boyfriend answers the door and sees his other mistress Jade arrived earlier than expected. He tells Choi something to get her to the other room and as soon as she gets up he karate chops her neck, knocking her out instantly into his waiting arms. The man then cradle carries Choi into the bedroom and hides her body behind the bed before hiding her cell phone in the cabinet. He then opens the door for the beautiful Jade who is wearing a sleeveless green top, sexy denim shorts and black pantyhose. Choi soon awakens groggily and with that noise of her stumbling around Jade gets up to check what it is forcing her boyfriend to quickly knock her out with a chloroformed cloth. He then quickly carries Jades unconscious body over his shoulder back to the couch. Now entering the bedroom where Choi was emerging from he makes her lay down on the bed until she’s no longer dizzy. Jade wakes up confused and stumbles around looking for her boyfriend. This startles Choi making her so uneasy that she wants to see what’s making that sound, prompting him to pounce on her with the chloroformed cloth. At the end of the ensuing struggle, with Choi finally passing out Jade walks in and in a mix of rage and fear she tries to run but is quickly subdued again with the chloroformed cloth. Jades limp body is then cradle carried to one of the couches right before Choi’s inert form is slung over his shoulder and carried to the other couch. The girls boyfriend then removes Jades heels before slinging her onto his lap where he then proceeds to caress her smooth hosed legs and denim clad butt. Soon he decides to lay Jade back down on the couch and place the slumbering Choi onto his lap where he enjoys the feeling of her fishnet covered legs and her tight butt. After a while he decides to cradle carry Choi to the big couch and sit both of them up side by side. With both girls sitting up side by side he decides to indulge himself with their hose covered legs simultaneously. Soon the girls wake up but before they even know what’s going on he quickly hits their heads together rendering them unconscious. He catches the girls over each of his shoulders and carries them to the bedroom. Includes: 1 Head KO, 1 Neck chop KO, 3 x chloroformed Cloth KO, 3 x Cradle Carries, 3 x Over the Shoulder Carries (OTS), limp body manipulation.