SE003_Sexy Sleepy Schoolgirl_FT_Sophia


Length: 15 minutes
Size: 1134 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1280×720



Absolutely one of the cutest schoolgirls you’ll ever see!

Sophia lounges around in her apartment in black pumps, thigh-high white stockings, a micro-mini skirt, and a figure hugging top that displays her generous cleavage.

Who wouldn’t want to have a girl like that to call their own? One Masked Intruder decides to make Sophia his plaything; so he sneaks in and knocks her out.

Sophia isn’t out cold; most of the time she’s still semi-conscious, and tries to escape or resist as the Intruder plays with her long hair, beautiful face and sexy legs. Her tight top is first loosened, then removed, showing how nicely her big boobs fill out her bra. She is moved from sofa to chair to floor to bed, where the Intruder knocks her out with a swift chop to the neck.

Sophia’s gorgeous face, beautiful body and sexy struggles combine to make this a super-hot fantasy film!