SE004_Abby Captured_ft_Abby


Length: 11 minutes
Size: 946 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1440×1080


Abby is a spy who dressed in black sexy suit and gloves. She enters the basement of the target house to find the villain who captures beautiful girls. Unfortunately, she is already exposed and the villain is already waiting for her at the entrance. He grabs her with a chokehold, so tight that she cannot escape with all her efforts. Slowly she loses her strength and stops struggling. Now she is just another victim. The villain put her on his shoulder, pat her butt to show his confidence. He takes her upstair to his bedroom, which has a comfortable bed for her. We can admire her beautiful limp body. This may be the last time we can see her free because the villain decides to keep her in bondage.


A few minutes later, we see she is now in the red bondage cloth, but this is just a beginning. He then tied her legs up with a pink rope, so he can keep her captures while we can still admire her long legs. Then he taps her mouth up so she won’t be able to call help if she comes back. This is a smart move as she does come back, wondering what happened to her. She struggles to free but it is no use, and the villain comes back with a chloro cloth. Soon Abby is back to her dream again. The villain checks her eyes and faces to make sure she is gone, then he decides to move her to the display room. In the process, we can see Abby’s legs. Finally, he puts her on the sofa in the display room and checks her eyes again. Yup, still in a dream. This is also a dream for the villain as another collection is done!