SE005_Carry Abby Home__Part1_FT_Abby


Length: 23 minutes
Size: 2013 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1440×1080





Abby is walking in the countryside. She finally finds a time to take a rest so she wants to enjoy the peace under the bright sunshine. She dresses in a red t-shirt and short jeans, so her beautiful skins and long legs can enjoy the sunshine as well. But it is a little too hot now, so she walks into the trees. Bad idea, Abby, because there is someone who already following you on the whole trip. When Abby stops to enjoy the fresh air, the villain jumps out and hit her head to knock her out. She is surprised, but not too long before she falls limp to the villain’s hands.


The villain carries her home and put her on his legs first so he can admire her beauty in the closest distance. He plays her limp body, no response at all. He keeps playing her legs, her hands, and checks her eyes. He even put her up to shake her head, nothing. Now he wants to make her more comfortable, so he puts her on the sofa, and then on a chair so he can admire her whole body freely.


Now it is game time. Actually, the villain has the ability to control the girl by whispering into her ears when she is unconscious. He whispers to Abby and then snaps his finger. We don’t know what he said, but Abby wakes up and then go to the bedroom. When she comes out again, she is in a formal black dress. The Villain stops her, and then snap his finger again. Now Abby falls back to totally limp mode, and the villain catches her in the mid-air, admiring her beautify in all angles. Then he carries her to the desk. It is time to wrap her as a present for himself! He first wraps her feet, legs, and then her body, and make sure her heads are secured on her belly. He wants to make it a surprise, so he warps her eyes as well. He thinks she loves candy, so he puts candy on her month as the final step.


This gift is so good, the villain carriers her around to admire his masterpiece. Now it is unwrapping time. He can’t wait to see the beautiful girl again!


To be Continued….