SE006_Carry Abby Home__Part2_FT_Abby


Length: 20 minutes
Size: 1.5 GB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1440×1080


Now Abby is untied, the villain put her on the bed so she can relax in limp. Well, the rest may be too long so Abby wakes up. Abby is confused and decides to leave the room. But as soon as she leaves the bed, the villain shows up in time and hit her on the head again. Abby again falls into the villain’s hands, carried back to the bed. The villain becomes cautious. He takes the flashlight to check if Abby is really gone. The answer is yes. So he can continue his game. He put her on the sofa, this time focus on checking how limp Abby is. Her body is so soft, and she let him put her in any position. He plays her mouth and eyes as well, no response at all. The day goes dark, maybe she will feel cold? So the villain takes a white cloth to cover her up, or we can say wrap her up. But looks like she doesn’t thank for that, So let’s put her out to a warmer place.


The villain takes her to another room and put her on the chair. He tries to make her seat, but her head cannot stand up as, well, she is in limp. The villain then takes some good wine to have a drink with her. You don’t want to? I will make a toast with you anyway. Such a good time to drink while admiring Abby’s beautiful legs. It makes the villain want to dance with Abby. So he plays the music and then dances with Abby, with Abby carried in his hands since she is totally limp.


Now the party is over, and it is time to go to bed. He takes Abby to the desk and put some pillows under her. This is not an easy task as she is so limp, but he made it. He plays with her legs and arms again so Abby is in a surrounding pose. See you tomorrow, Abby.