SE007_Kill Roby in different ways_ft_Roby


  • TIME: 17 min
  • SIZE: 1442 Mb
  • RESOLUTION: 1440×1080


Roby is a super agent which can always recover from death. She is undercover so she wears a t-shirt, shorts, boots, and a jacket. In the room, She is looking for an important document for a while,and finally find it . She start  reading the document. She pays too much focus on it so she didn’t notice that someone is at her behind. The guy knocks her head hard from the back. She is stunned, surprised, then falls to the villain’s arms unconscious. The guy sits on the floor hugging the limp girl. He checks her breath and briefly limp plays her and searches her body for ID. He finds one from her jacket. Suddenly the girl wakes up, struggle and saying “Let me go!”. The guy grabs her neck, choke her, until she stops moving with eyes opened. He closed her eyes and try to find something else from her clothes. Somehow she wakes up again, but this time she is very weak and can only struggle a little. He plays her like a toy and then decides to kill her by snaps her neck. The girl falls back to the guy’s arms, no breath. He plays her a little more and then leaves her on the floor and gets the document.


Roby suddenly opens her eyes again. Shen jumps up and tries to get the document back. The guy fights back. He is so strong and Roby can only be grabbed from behind even she struggles hard. He grabs her neck from behind. She is strong and fights fiercely, but not strong enough as the guy find a chance to snaps her neck again. Her body is frozen and her face is surprised for a few seconds, and then she goes limp. The guy then checks the girl again, this time with breath and pulse at the wrist. She is dead, again. So he plays her body again, this time remove her jackets and boots to feel her soft body and see her beautiful skins.

The guy then drags her to the bedside, and then move her to the bed for more fun. He plays her limp body around until somehow Roby is waking up again. This time she is still weak and can only move slightly, saying “Where am I?”. The guy asks her “why you keep coming back”, she says  “I’m a super agent and I cannot be killed”. The guy then hits her heart repeatedly when she is trying to get off the bed until she is dead again . This time the guy checks her heart by putting his ear on her heart to see if she is really dead.

Then he remembers that he has a special poison for this. If he uses it, she will lose her power. So the guy gets the poison and put it into her mouth. She suddenly opens her eyes, twitches a lot painfully, and then goes limp again with eyes closed. Then she opens her eyes, sits on the bed, and asks “what happened”. The guy says “now you are no longer a super agent and I can kill you for real now.” He then strangles her with bare hands. She fights fiercely, but soon her movement goes slower and slower, then goes limp with eyes opened. The guy checks her pulse, closes her eyes, finishes his job and drags her body out of the room.