SE008_Kiana debut_ft_Kiana


  • TIME: 15 min
  • SIZE: 243 Mb
  • RESOLUTION: 1920×1080


Kiana is a fashion model who got a good shape and angel face. she is a mix from Serbia and Australia. Today Kiana’s so excited to see a well-known photography David T at his studio.


David suggested her to make some modeling posture. So she stood up, then David walked to her back, suddenly grabbed her with a neckhold, Kiana was stunned, but not too long before she falls limp to his arm. David put her on the couch and shook her. Kiana slowly opened her eye, she’s still very weak, then David strangled her, she soon spat out the tongue and falt into unconsciousness. He checked her eyes, played her face and limp body for a while. He made her some strange posture on the floor such as butt in the air with legs open, then put her back onto the couch.


Kiana slowly awake and sit upright, she’s still feeling dizzy and had no idea about the situation. David knocked her head from the back and played her limp body again, then he dragged her on the should and walk around to felt her limpness. Her long hair hanging down smoothly,her legs and hands swing in the air. After a while, he put her on the floor and played her limp body, so that he can admire her beauty