SE009_keep in good shape_ft_Flora


Length: 17 minutes
Size: 1310 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1440×1080


Flora is doing yoga in her sport shorts and yoga pants on the mattress. This helps to keep her in good shape. We can see how flexible her body is, and how she stretches her legs and arms. She focuses on her body and movement so she can calm and feel the energy. But maybe she focuses too much, as she doesn’t notice there is a villain entering the room. He gives her a hit on her head. She is really surprised and goes to the dreamland immediately. She falls limp on the mattress.


The villain stops the music and starts playing her limp body. He checks her everywhere to make sure she is out, and then he put her on the sofa. Still no response, he keeps playing her legs, hands, and her heads around. He then carries her on the shoulder to feel her weight and limpness.  Then he puts her back to the sofa. This time he put her into different poses assuming she is thinking, resting, or sleeping with a pillow.


Still nothing, so he drags her to another room with two small benches. After a while, Flora starts to come to. She doesn’t understand what happened and it seems she is still very weak and can barely move. The villain finds out and decides to chloro her. It is not hard since Flora is very weak now. Soon she goes back to the dreamland. The villain checks her, this time using more strength to make sure she will not wake up any sooner. He needs to leave now so he binds her legs, hands, arms, body, and finally a mask on her face. Now Flora will be more surprised when she wakes up, but she will be here waiting for me forever.