SE010_Watching your Buddy_ft_Flora



Flora dresses in a tight latex suit and a black mask. She sneaks into a house with her partner to find a secret item. Soon Flora finds the target under the table and calls her partner. What she didn’t realize is that she IS the target in this mission after all. Her partner chokes her from behind when she is unaware. She fights but soon she loses consciousness. Then he put her on the bed and remove her masks. So we can see her beautiful face. He decides to tie her up in case she will escape when there is a chance. So he rolls her to her back and ties her hands and legs together. Flora keeps limp in the whole process. When the job is done, the villain rolls her back and unzips her latex dress. He also plays her a while to see if she is awake. No response at all. So we can take a deep look at her whole body and sport suit under her latex dress. But not too long as Flora starts to wake up. She doesn’t understand what happened and ask him to release her. Surely this is not the plan so the villain decides to chloro her. Soon she goes back to dreamland again. In case that she will shout again, he decides to tap her mouth and eyes. Keep quiet, Flora.