SE011_Dance for me_ft_Flora


Length: 6 minutes
Size: 532 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1440×1080


Flora is dancing in a red shirt and white short. She is full of energy, passion, and joy. We can see how she display her beautiful legs, butt, and belly button, with the dance moves. A few minutes later the intruder finds out Flora and decides to keep her himself. So he covers her mouth tightly so she cannot breathe. Soon Flora loses her consciousness as she desperately needs oxygen in the middle of the dance. She falls on the sofa limp.


A few hours later, Flora wakes up with her hands tied up. The villain comes back and commands her to dance for him. She has no choice but to follow his command. Even if she cannot move her hands, she can still show her legs, butt, and belly button, which is what the villain wants. But after a few moments, Flora seems upset and only moves slowly. This is not a dance! The villain doesn’t like this and decides to teach her a lesson. He takes a chloro cloth back and put it on her mouth. Soon she is back in the dreamland. Maybe next time she will do a better job.