SE012_Last Struggle_ft_Flora


TIME: 17 min
SIZE: 621 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1440×1080


Flora, who dressed in a red shirt and white shorts, is waiting for someone. Unfortunately, it is definitely not the masked guy who enters and rushes to Flora. She argues and resists to the villain,  but the villain is an experienced one and soon make a chokehold on Flora. He is so strong that Flora soon falls down limp, with both hands still on his arms. The villain checks her face to make sure she is in the dreamland. He puts her on the floor and then does more checks by pushing her head and shoulders. No response, yes! Another successful attack with a great reward. 

He first brings her up with both feet still on the ground, so he can drag her around. Then he put her on the sofa and limp play her hands and legs. He also put her on his legs so he can feel her weight and warmth. In the process, we can see how limp Flora is as her legs and arms go whenever the villain wants them to go and falls freely when the villain lets them go.  He even turns her around so now he can feel her boobs. The limp play goes on and on, with Flora is dragged to the floor (face up and down), with a pillow, on the shoulder,  on a chair (face up and down). He even makes her like a puppet who uses her own hands to touch herself. Finally, the villain decides to keep her in a safe place and take her away on his shoulder.