SE013_Ann is Caught_ft_Ann


  • TIME: 16 min
  • SIZE: 1270 Mb
  • RESOLUTION: 1280×720


Ann is an officer who is investigating a house. She is in uniform with short skirts and high heels. That is a nice choice as she can display her beautiful legs. Sometimes it is useful to seduce the villains. She walks upstairs and enters a room cautiously. Unfortunately, there is already a girl waiting behind the door. As soon as Ann enters the room, she chloro her from behind.  Ann tries to fight but the chloro is too strong. She soon loses all the energy and passes away.  The girl puts her on the bed with both legs hanging on the bedside. Her beautiful legs are fully exposed.  The villain then enters the room, check if she is really gone, and then take her to another room for interrogation.


The villain put her on a chair, then adjust her position so we can see her beautiful neck. She is so weak and fragile now. Well, let’s make sure she will stay at the chair later, so the villain decides to ties her up. It is a perfect tie-up show as the villain starts from her body, breasts, and then her hands and legs. Finally, the bad girl comes back to do a final check and put a tape on Ann’s mouth. It seems Ann won’t be waking up any sooner. So they leave the room with Ann staying there helplessly.