SE014_Unnoticed Guests_ft_Loraine & Kate


  • TIME: 15 min
  • SIZE: 668 Mb
  • RESOLUTION: 1920×1080




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Loraine just comes back from work. She is still thinking about the problem at her work. Well, now she has a much bigger problem as a man already intrudes into her house and gives her a neck chop! Loraine cannot react at all as it happens too quickly that she goes to the Lala land immediately and falls into the man’s arms. The man cradle carries her around the living room to see her beautiful faces better.  Then he puts her on the table so he can play her limp body. He drags her body around, plays her hands, faces, to check if she is still in the dreamland. Look like she won’t come back any sooner.


A few minutes later,  Kate comes back. She is surprised that Loraine is on the table so she checks her. That’s a bad move as the man finds a chance to neck chop her too. She also falls limp immediately. This time the man carries her on his shoulder to move around. Since the table is occupied now, he puts her on the sofa for rest, well, not a quite comfortable pose for her though.


The man then decides to play with these two girls together. So he moves them to the bed. Are they lovers? He doesn’t know, but he hopes so, so he puts Loraine on top of Kate like they are very close. Oh, but if they are close, why they are still dressed now? So the guy undresses Loraine to her underwear. Now, this looks perfect.


The man knows that the limp by a chop won’t last long. So he goes to the restroom to prepare the chloro cloth. Just right when he gets it done, Kate wakes up and tries to walk out of the room. He grabs her from behind and chloro her. She fights a lot, but sooner or later she fails, as chloro always works. He decides to hide her somewhere as there is another one to deal with. Soon Loraine walks out of the room. Same chloro, same ending. Both girls now in the Lala land.


The man decides it is time to leave, so he put them on the sofa. A few minutes later Loraine and Kate wake up from the awkward poses. They feel headaches, but they don’t really know what happened. Oh, but they remember there is a party tonight, so they leave the house. Hope next time when they come back it is an empty house.