SE017_Lap Dancer’s Nightmare_ft_Cecilia


TIME: 16 min
SIZE: 705 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920×1080



This film contains: OTS carry, chloroform, hypnosis, limp fetish, sleep fetish, lingerie, lap dance, eye check, eye-crossing, tattoos.

Cecilia is a lap dancer with a few tattoos on her sexy body.
She checks herself carefully in front of the mirror, making sure she looks perfect from each angle (she does!), then she walks out of the bathroom.
However poor Cecilia doesn’t realize that a Villain has broken into her apartment and monitored her for a while….

When she reaches the living room, the Villain jumps out and quickly sprays some special fragrance on her face…
After inhaling the vapor, Cecilia’s eyes start crossing, and her beautiful body slides down along the wall and falls into the Villain’s arms…

The Villain uses a chloroform-soaked cloth to cover the gorgeous girl’s nose and mouth twice. Each time her taut dancer’s body tries to resist, but she is powerless against the determined Villain and her struggles subside into a peaceful slumber.
The fiendish Villain also carries the limp girl several times and plays with her helpless body. He carries her over the shoulder to the bedroom, where he takes off her clothes, stripping her down to her translucent black bra and barely-there black panties, and admires her beautiful physique. Her long, toned dancer’s legs are further accentuated by her sexy black pumps.
Then he puts an oxygen mask on her face and ties her wrists.

When Cecilia slightly recovers, the Villain starts to hypnotize her. Once she is under his control, she performs a sizzlingly sexy lap dance when the Villain commands her to.
Finally, the poor girl is chloroformed by the cruel Villain and carries her over the shoulder to the bedroom…