SE018_Curvy Girl’s Dream Yoga_ft_Hanako


TIME: 29 min
SIZE: 733 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920×1080



Hanako is sweaty after putting her body through an intense yoga session, so she’s going to take a shower after her final few stretches.
However, a Villain is hiding in the house and has watched everything! He peeps out from the stairwell to make sure Hanako is unaware of his presence, then he sneaks up behind the clueless girl and whacks her head swiftly and with a club.
Hanako staggers around and falls to her knees, her eyes crossing for a while, then falls face down on the yoga mat.
The Villian turns her body over, checks that she is unconscious, then plays with her limp limbs. He then puts her soft body over his shoulder and walk around.
Next, the Villian puts Hanako on the couch and strips off her clothes to expose her elegant dark scarlet lingerie. Then he drags her to the yoga mat in oder to apprecaite this sleeping beauty.
He plays with her body, he holds in and folds his powerless plaything.
Then he puts the sleeping girl into Hanoko various yoga positions, including plough pose (with her butt in the air), and spreads her legs open.
He puts helpless Hansom over his shoulder and pats her derriere, then places her face down over the stair railing and plays with her body for a while longer.
Finally he lays her back on the floor and leaves, while Hanako is still in her dream.