SE019_Dina’s debut_ft_Dina


Length: 11 minutes
Size: 831 MB
Format: MP4
Resolution: 1920×1080



Office Lady Dina arrives home after work. With the day’s tasks behind her, she looks in a good mood. She sits on the couch and plays with her phone to relax.
However, Dina doesn’t release that she is being observed by a Villain who is hiding behind the couch….
The Villain emerges and whacks Dina’s head with a club!
Dina is stunned. Her body freezes, she moans, and her eyes cross.
The Villain pushes her down on the couch, removes her sandals, and strips off her dress to show her black sheer bra and black panties. He plays with her limp body for a while, then leaves the room.
A few moments later, Dina wakes up weakly, and feeling very confused. The Villain has heard her, and comes back in. He grabs her hair, and hit her nape heavily, Dina falls into unconsciouness again.
The Villain drags Dina to the floor, and spends a while putting her slim body into various poses.
He handcuffs Dina, and pats her face to make her wake up. However, no sooner does Dina regain consciousness, than the Villain chloroforms her back to sleep!
The Villain then positions Dina with her taut butt in the air.
Finally, having had enough fun with his helpless hostage, the Villain kicks the poor girl down and leaves the room…